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1. Indication:

Prevention of Newcastle disease strain Sato and Infectious Bronchitis disease strain IB 41, IB TS I, IB TS II and Egg Drop Syndrome in chicken strain TS in poultry

2. Usage:

To inject into the chest muscles

Chickens 12-14 weeks old: Dose 0.25ml/chicken

Chickens 40 weeks old over: Dose 0.5ml/chicken

3. Storage:

At the temperature 2 – 8oC

Place the vaccination vial upright, do not freeze the vaccine because it will damage the emulsion.

Shake gently and thoroughly before use.

Prepare clean injection equipment in advance and do not use bactericide to clean it

Vaccines are for healthy chickens only.

Before vaccination, the vaccine must be left in the normal environment for 2 – 4 hours to return to room temperature.

Do not vaccinate while it is still cold.

4. Withdrawal time: None


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