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Inactivated Vaccine against Newcastle, Coryza in chickens


1. Composition:
Each 0,25ml dose of Vaccine contains:
Newcastle Disease Virus Ishil strain..................≥ 108.5 EID50
Avibacterium paragallinarum IC-A serotype.......≥ 108.7 CFU
Avibacterium paragallinarum IC-C serotype.......≥ 108.7 CFU

2. Indication:
Vaccine against Newcastle, Coryza in chickens

3. Usage:

Before use, the vaccine should be thawed to the corresponding body temperature (normal temperature environment)

Deep intramuscular injection (chest muscle)

1 dose 0.5ml/chicken

Quy cách:  500 doses/vial, 1000 doses/vial

Bảo quản: at the temperature 2-8oC, avoid direct light when transporting, vaccines must be used in a storage box

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