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Live Vaccine, freeze-dried, prevention of Newcastle and Infectious Bronchitis


1. Composition:

Each dose of vaccine has:

Newcastle disease virus B1 min.........≥1050EID50
Infectious bronchitis virus, H120......≥300 EID50

2. Indication:

Prevention of Newcastle disease strain B1 and Infectious Bronchitis disease strain H120.

3. Dosage Form: freeze-dried tablet

4. Usage:

Reconstitute the freeze-dried vaccine with water non-bactericide or sanitize chemical. Put 1 drop in the eyes, mouth, nose. Dilute the vaccine with water for oral administration or spray.

5. Packing unit: Vial of 200, 500, 1000 doses

6. Storage:

At the temperature 2-8oC, avoid direct light when transporting, vaccines must be used in a storage box.

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